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"Everyone really loves classical music.  They just don't know it yet.  If they don't love it, they haven't experienced it under the right circumstances.  The symphony is more than just an orchestra; it poses a global model of cooperation.  A musician must adjust their belief system and values to serve the greater whole of the orchestra.  No one person is more important than another and the cooperation creates a magical, effortless sounding event that inspires the soul."

-Devin Patrick Hughes, Niwot Country Living Magazine


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Family Concerts For All Ages

Boulder Symphony’s educative and interactive show-within-a-concert presents the theme Perfectly Imperfect — about a visitor who comes to Earth to discover why we have the best music in the galaxy. This unique concert explores the many diverse elements that come together to create the magic of Symphonic music.

Perfect for families, the concerts feature hands-on learning and activities for the whole family, such as a chance to conduct the Boulder Symphony, an instrument petting zoo, and costume contest. The events, now on both Saturday and Sunday due to popular demand, will also feature a variety of partners and collaborators including Boulder MUSE, Longmont Youth Symphony, and Woodsongs Music Store.


Off the Rails

Symphonic music takes us into the most unexpected places — in Off the Rails, the Arapahoe Philharmonic takes you where no locomotive has gone before! We premiere Chinese-American composer Zhou Tian’s Transcend, a meditation and tribute to the people involved in the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. Not knowing where our fortunes will lead, we traverse further into the west and chance upon an old American love story in Copland’s ballet Rodeo.

Heitor Villa-Lobos, Jennifer Higdon, and Brian LaGuardia get us back on the rails traversing across the Americas with The Little Train of the Caipira, Loco and the world premiere of Rhapsody in Orange — inspired by Orange Blossom Special.


Composing the Transcontinental Railroad

Devin interviews Grammy-nominated Chinese American composer Zhou Tian in anticipation of the Colorado premiere of “Transcend” with the Arapahoe Philharmonic on November 1, 2019. Orchestras across the United States joined forces to co-commission Zhou to create “Transcend” for the 150th Anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

“As a Chinese-born composer who immigrated to this country, educated at the nation’s top music schools, and now serving at one of its finest institutions, I was moved to create this work to tell a musical story, to celebrate human perseverance, and to pay tribute to my own cultural heritage.”


Carnegie Hall’s Link Up Rocks

Students in grades 3–5 are given the opportunity to join orchestras around the world in this highly participatory program called The Orchestra Rocks. 3000 students will join the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra where they learn to sing and play an instrument in the classroom and perform from their seats with the NFSO at a culminating concert at Mattie Kelly Arts Center.

Orchestras across the country and around the world are also taking part in Link Up. Partner orchestras can utilize any of the program materials—including teacher guides, student materials, concert scripts, and concert visuals—in their own communities.

Boulder Lifestyle Magazine

The symphony orchestra. Classical instruments. Mozart. Beethoven. Haydn. These are things we are familiar with but may not have any personal contact with. During the past ten years, the Boulder Symphony, led by Devin Patrick Hughes, has been breaking boundaries between the general public and classical music. Focusing on community outreach, the Boulder Symphony allows those that are unfamiliar with classical music and those that may have been apprehensive about attending the symphony a chance to reconnect with the music and experience it for themselves.

Linking up with modern and local composers while still honoring the classics, Maestro Hughes brings the symphony orchestra to all residents of Boulder. Here’s a bit about the conductor directing this movement forward.

Actively Creating the Music of the Future


Devin has founded multiple composer in residence programs and has collaborated with and commissioned numerous works with many incredibly talented composers.  Some of the largest, most recent collaborations have been with Grammy-nominated Austin Wintory, critically acclaimed Edgar Girtain, eclectic composer-violinist Gregory Walker, and award winning Jonathan Sokol.  New composers in residencies this season include the very talented Jonathan Bingham, Sebastian Laskowski & Elizabeth Anne Comninellis.

"One of the most exciting ways to personalize and humanize the great masterpieces of the past is to premiere new works.  Going behind the scenes into the creative process is paramount to showcasing symphonic music as a work-in-progress tapestry."

- Devin Patrick Hughes



Featured Composers

Bringing Symphonic Music To The Greater Community


One of Maestro Hughes' greatest passions is sharing Classical Music with the masses and inspiring the next generation of musicians and music lovers, who will carry on its legacy.

"I've never seen a kid who's been disengaged," says Hughes. "Kids haven't been touched by our idea of normalcy, so their sense of creativity is still unrestricted.  When you put them in a concert with instruments and sound, they immediately connect with it.  Even if you don't want your kid to pursue music or pick up an instrument, engaging them with this music will nurture their creativity for years to come."

- Boulder Lifestyle Magazine


Sensory Friendly Concerts


Glow Project

Bringing together individuals with neurodegenerative diseases and sensory disorders along with their families and caregivers for a community-building, heart-filling concert experience.


Music Therapy Inspired

The AP is excited to launch its newest community outreach initiative, a music therapy-inspired program for memory care facilities in our region. We have all witnessed the devastating effect dementia can have on loved ones. Aside from memory loss, diagnosed individuals and their families often deal with mood changes, depression, paranoia and decline of social skills.


Emerald Coast Autism Center

The Northwest Florida Symphony regularly gives sensory friendly and interactive presentations at the Emerald Coast Autism Center, and additionally partners with the Emerald Coast Music Alliance to bring music to all.

New Opportunities for Orchestras and Singers


One of Devin's newest projects is creating more exposure and unique, semi-staged and fully staged versions of operatic productions.  Partnering with local artists and businesses, Hughes brings to life exciting works and provides performance opportunities for many talented regional and national singers, enriching the community with this inspirational and glorious art form.

To date, Devin and his teams have brought to life fully staged productions of Le Nozze di Figaro, Carmen, La Bohème, Die Zauberflöte, and La traviata along Colorado's front range.

"Wow! What a wonderful experience and surprise to see Devin's energetic conducting and hear beautiful music and singing. As a New Yorker who just moved to Boulder, I was missing going to the Met and all the wonderful operas. I felt as if I was back home. The Boulder Symphony was very close to The Met (of course, missing the Met stage) but the music and opera was just as good!"

- Boulder Symphony Patron



Exciting Opportunities for Young Musicians

Devin has partnered with the Arapahoe Philharmonic and Avanti Music Academy to begin the Civic Youth Orchestra in Denver.  

To audition for Denver's newest and most exciting youth orchestra, click below: